• How can you protect your business from intrusive approaches by banks?
    As the major banks get to grips with the huge quantity of emergency loans that they have advanced over recent months, and look across their lending books to monitor performance ever more closely, what can you do to improve your banking relationship ... read more
  • The next phase
    The next phase Over the last few months we have worked with companies across many sectors to successfully secure emergency funding from banks. When the schemes were announced, the banks were not prepared, and needed to mobilise their front-line ... read more
  • The role of senior debt in acquisitions
    The role of senior debt in acquisitions I was recently asked about the role of senior debt in acquisitions – this is my brief synopsis: Buying or selling a business is a time to review and optimise the financial resources available to the ... read more
  • Let’s Help the Banks!
    Lets help the banks! That is a headline you don’t see too often…because they are often classed as the enemy. But we need to make the bank our friend. And you need to help your relationship manager support your business, by setting out a proposal ... read more
  • Turning CBILS ‘declined’ into ‘approved’
    Whilst there remain some CBILS applications outstanding, most of our cases have been successfully delivered, with just a few still being processed. The latest feedback features a client who had been declined by their bank, and were then introduced ... read more
  • British and Irish Trading Alliance
    I enjoyed presenting to the British and Irish Trading Alliance last week about how banks react during recessions and what business owners can do to prepare for a different banking environment. The British and Irish Trading Alliance is a non-profit ... read more
  • Networking in the Zoom era
    The very word ‘networking’ might send a shiver down your spine, but it is about meeting new people and looking to form a mutually beneficial connection, so the objective is pretty straight forward. The books tell you to always try to help the person ... read more